WELCOME to our
Online Baby Album"!!
We thought this would be a great way to share photos and maybe some stories
with our friends & family all over the world!!!!  
We hope you enjoy and we look forward to your feedback!
The "Baby Journey" all started when we
decided that we were finally ready, and
would love nothing more than to add a
child to our already wonderful marriage!!  
We planned carefully and knew that we
would really like for our baby to be born in
the spring months so I could be home from
work when the weather was warm & the
baby & I could enjoy ourselves outside!!
(and maybe go to a few dog shows!)
This meant that we should start "trying" to
become pregnant in July...so that is what we
did!!  And with gusto!  We followed the
doctor's orders and kept an open mind when
she told us that it could take months to
finally become pregnant for the first time.  
So, imagine our shock & surprise when the
stick turned blue the VERY FIRST
MONTH!!!  Yikes!  (And, appropriately
enough, we found out we were pregnant at a
dog show!)
We were spending a week camping in our RV
at the huge Canfield, OH Dog Show Circuit
when the timing was perfect for Tina to "you
know what" on the stick...(I am sure most
"normal" people would not think doing this in
an RV in the middle of a field surrounded by
the sounds of barking dogs and blow-dryers
is ideal, but I guess it was only fitting for
us!)  Also, I guess we never really expected
the "result" that we got!  So, Tina pretty
much spent the week sick or sleeping in the
RV while Mark held down the fort and spent
the week assisting the Show Photographers.
The few times Tina was actually able to venture
out of the RV she managed to win a Best of
Breed over specials with our Saluki puppy "Busy"
and best of all, she and Saluki "Phantom" earned
back-to-back Double-Q's in Rally Obedience to
FINISH Phantom's RAE Title becoming only the
second Saluki in History to finish this highest
title in Rally.  So even through a sleep-induced
haze - it still managed to be a great week for
Mark & Tina and their Salukis!
After returning home with our great news...we
just tried to settle into our wildly changed life
with the knowledge we were going to be
PARENTS!!  It was such an adjustment to know
our life would be changing even though there
was no real sign of the impending "arrival"!  Tina
never really had to deal with much sickness...but
boy did she need to sleep a lot!!!  Wow...the
exhaustion in the early months of her pregnancy
were overwhelming.  It seemed like all she did
was sleep and go to work and maybe remember to
eat once in a while...and if Mark was lucky, she
would remember to kiss him goodnight before she
collapsed into bed!
Because of this...it sure was hard to keep our
"big news" a secret!!  But we really did not want
to "go public" until we were safely past that
critical 12-week mark in the pregnancy.  SO we
sure needed to be creative in our explanations
why Tina was always so tired...and why she was
loosing so much weight!!  Some people were
definitely becoming suspicious!!  But we finally
made it.....it was finally time to start telling our
family the amazing news!
We actually made it through the first 12 weeks in one piece!!  We were relatively no
worse for the wear and the baby seemed to be happy & healthy (even if Tina was 30
pounds lighter and had morphed into one long hormonally-charged 12 week mood
swing!!)  Poor Mark.....
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Our 1st Trimester
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