By: Ch. Borderfame Solid Rock x
Ch. Ammardan's Forever in Blue Jeans
By: MBIS/Aust/NZ GRCh. Clan-Abby Phantom of Love x
Georgie Girl at Clan-Abby
Owned By: Tina J. Turley-Kocab & Mark S. Kocab
Owned By: Danielle Nash
We are very excited to announce that our amazing New Zealand Import, "Scooby Doo",
Ch. Clan-Abby NZ Kia-Ora Kiwi RN has been bred to the lovely Black & White Girl,
Ch. Ammardan's Designer Jeans, "Amailee" owned by Danielle Nash.

Please see below for Photos and Pedigrees of the proud parents.
The Puppies are BORN!!!    July 9th, 2007   *4 Boys & 1 Girl*
Please click on Scooby & Amailee's names below to see more Photos of each!!

Serious Inquiries are welcome.  We expect their puppies to be very talented in all areas of performance
events as well as accomplished in the show ring.  This will be a litter not to be missed.  
E-Mail Tina if you are interested in this litter.
Puppies - Summer 2007
Ch. Clan-Abby NZ-Kia Ora-Kiwi RN (NZ Imp)
Ch. Ammardan's Designer Jeans
Ch. Borderfame Solid Rock (Aust Imp)
BSP Ellie Blue (AKC/ABCA)
Ch. Shoreland's Mad About Ewe
Briarwood Makakii of Conant
Ch. Darkwind 's Ship To Shoreland OA, NAJ
Ch. Korella Weave A Spell
Aust Ch. Borderfame Mystic Power
BIS/BISS/Aust/NZ/Eng/Ger/Am Ch. Borderfame Heart N Soul CD
Aust/Am Ch. Borderfame Forever Magic
Aust Ch. Borderfame Bravo CDX, AD
Borderfame Red Supa Star
Aust Ch. Nahrof Moonlighting
Aust Ch. Wiralee Moon Shadow
Wiralee Tatania
Aust Ch. Bordalace Custom Made
Aust Ch. Glentress Show No Mercy
Fynglen Pinto
Aust Ch. Checkmate Calamity
Georgie Girl at Clan-Abby
MBIS/Aust/NZ GR Ch. Clan-Abby Phantom of Love
Aust Ch. Aldyson Mac Cullum
UK-Connection O' Clan-Abby
NZ Ch. Clan-Abby Lorna's Love
SAF/ZIM/Aust/NZ Ch. Clan-Abby Cassanova Too
NZ Ch. Maghera Cassanova
NZ Ch. Eveningsky of Clan-Abby
NZ Ch. Thunderline of Clan-Abby
NZ Ch. Clan-Abby Lorna Doone
NZ/Aust Ch. Cassanova Joy of Clan-Abby
Aust/NZ Ch. Rullion Joy
NZ/Aust Ch. Maghera Cassanova
Clan-Abby My Dad's in the UK
NZ Ch. Aldyson Loch Lassie CDX
Aust Ch. Lochvista Little Eve
NZ Ch. Cheviot Joanne
NZ Ch. Cheviot Gay Lord
Aust/NZ Ch. Rullion Joy
NZ Ch. Thunderboy of Clan-Abby
Clan-Abby Stormy Mom
NZ Ch. Thunderline of Clan-Abby
Aust Ch. Fynglen Playboy
Maghera Depeche Mode
NZ Ch. Pania of Clan-Abby
NZ/Eng Ch. Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
NZOC/NZ Ch. Borcat McAllister CDX
Aust Ch. Gotrah Lammermuir Kilt
Aust Ch. Crestvale Sono Thunder
Aust Ch. Chatsworth Red Velvet
Borderfame Token O Love
Sha's Levi (ABCA)
Carrie (ABCA)
Nicodemus (ABCA)
Merlynn's Skyla (ABCA)
Spanky (ABCA)
Kelley (ABCA)
Aust Ch. Khayoz Soul Deep CDX
Aust Ch. Gotrah Kasper's Kid CDX, HIC
Ch. Terbo Briarwood Money To Burn
Ch. Ammardan's Forever In Blue Jeans
Ch. Shoreland's Rio Bravo CGC
NEWBORN - The Girl
NEWBORN - The Boys
Ammardan's Black Ice
(Major Pointed)
Owned By: Danielle Nash
OFA Hips "Good"
Litter - 5 Weeks
5 Weeks
7 Weeks
Ammardan's Fade to Black
(In a Show Home in Bogota, Columbia)
Owned By: Danielle Nash
5 Weeks
7 Weeks
Ammardan's Black Jack
(In a herding home)
Owned By:
5 Weeks
7 Weeks
GCH Ch. Ammardan's Black Denim
Owned By: Danielle Nash
OFA Hips "Good"
5 Weeks
7 Weeks
Ammardan's Blackened
(In a show home in Bogota, Columbia)
Owned By:
5 Weeks
7 Weeks
11 Weeks
4 months
5 months
10 months
There was an opportunity for a Border Collie to be featured on a dog food bag and Levi went to a
photo shoot to "audition" for the part!  These are the pictures from his audition.  He is 9 months old.
Here is Levi's 1st Major
10 months old
11 Weeks
4 months
10 months
11 Weeks
4 months
11 Weeks
4 months
11 Weeks