Nat-Select, MBIS, MBISS, Platinum GCh.
Starlite's Made of the Best Stuff on Earth JC, RN, BN
By: MBIS/BISS Ch. Karob King Croesus of Lydia x
Nat-AOM GCh. Omen-Bushra's Zevida Starlite JC, RN, CGC
June 13, 2011
Tina J. Turley-Kocab & Mark S. Kocab
Sandra Middlebrooks
Erin J. Roberts
Oh my goodness...what to say about my
Snapple-Pants!  Everyone who has ever met Snapple
knows his name is really SNAPPLE!!!!!  He has a
personality that is larger than life.  He loves everybody
he meets and is my best friend.  Since the moment he
was born, and I held all 16 oz of him in my hands...I
knew he was 'The One'.

Snapple and I do everything together!  He even rides
along to pick up Mary from school, lays at my feet for
'story time', and kisses Mary Grace every night before
he helps tuck her into bed.

In late June of 2014, Snapple started his grand
adventure with his new friend, Erin Roberts!  We are
SO PROUD of him and so excited for his future with
her.  We are so grateful to Sandra Middlebrooks for her
faith in Snapple and her support of him!
Snapple is Tested:
CERF - "Clear"
Heart Echo - "Normal"
Patellas - "Normal"
Thyroid - "Normal"
Nat-AOM GCH. Omen-Bushra's Zevida Starlite JC,RN,CGC
MSBIS Ch. Desert Rose Earl of Greystoke
Ch. Omen's Uriah Bint Safran JC
Ch. Omen Parousia Ad Zaharah JC,OA,OAJ,NJP,CGC,AG-1
Ch. Elysian Fields Safran JC
Ch. Samoens Shafquat
Ch. Zaharah Al Khadir Ben Suditi JC
Ch. Omen's Hannah JC
Ch. Sahava Suditi ad Zaharah FCh
Ch. Omen's Eden
Ch. Sahava Suditi ad Zaharah FCh
Omen's Dulcimer Shirin Avas
Samoens Sinhue
Nat-BISS/MBISS Ch. Desert Rose Marrakesh
Ch. Desert Rose Al-Qahirah Z'Bee
Ch. Mata Salamata's Jadaan Khan
Ch. Batal Capriole Desert Rose
Ch. Sarea's Secret Weapon Legacy JC
Nat-BISS/BIS/MBISS Ch. Clarinda
Sunna Sarea Bashir
Ch. Pharout Eve's Lotus Elan
MBIS/MSBIS/World/Int'l/Am/Can/Mex/Aust Ch. Baghdad Creme de la Creme
MBIS Aust Ch. Baghdad Intrigue
MBIS/MSBIS Aust Ch. Afking-Baghdad's
Crimson Gazelle
Aust Ch. Baghdad Farouk
MBIS Aust Ch. Baghdad Trendsetter
MBIS/MSBIS Aust Ch. Baghdad Nemesis
Baghdad's Austral Aliyah
BISS Ch. Elysian Fields Zafran
Ch. Samoens Srutakiriti
BISS Ch. Elysian Fields Mennofer FCh
Ch. Akkad's Sumugan-Utu
Nat-Select, MBIS, MBISS, Platinum GCh Starlite's Made of the Best Stuff On Earth JC, RN, BN
MBIS, BISS Ch. Karob King Croesus of Lydia
Ch. Karob Artemis at Ephesus
Am/Can Ch. Rosewood Aja's Arabian Oryx
Ch. Kiabe Nadira RN
Aust Ch. Kiabe Crusader
Kiabe Amaritta
NZ Ch. Saklawi Ashur Shamesh
Aust Ch. Calahorra Nimbus
Ch. Rosewood Aja's Kismet
BISS Ch. Kenmar-Knoll Jaama-Jazz
Ch. Bi A'ajil Min Allah Khepera
Ch. Rosewood Summit Sassa-Bey
Int'l/Eng/Am/Can Ch. Jen Araby
Mahal Bey of Sedeki
Ch. Houn'Hollow Summit Sassaby
Ch. Sedeki-Mazuri Anja LCM
Aust Ch. Kiabe Tango
Aust Ch. Kiabe Desert Song
Aust Ch. Qat Baron
Aust Ch. Kiabe Tarfa Tani
Aust Ch. Kiabe Venturer
Aust Ch. Saika Najma
Ch. Srinagar Zhava of Sahava
A/C Ch. Rama of Srinagar CD,CC
A/SAF Ch. Srinagar Karu Kanya
Eng Ch. Timotheus of Chandav
Mabrooka Binaya of Saklawi
Aust Ch. Wildsky of Daxlore &
Aust Ch. Idleacres Autumn
A/M Ch. Srinagar Sakuna Indra
BIS/BISS Ch. Kenmar Knoll Sahava Yamani FCh.
A/C Ch. Srinagar Jen Araby Krisna A/C CD
Ch. Srinagar Seva Sakuna
Ch. Kyzyl Kum Djaazrah
Ch. Kenmar Knoll Wamiqa Kyzyl Kum
Ch. Mountebanks Desert Wind
BIS Ch. Saracen Naseer Ben Arukh
Ch. Branwen Dodagh
Ch Windswift Aziz
Eng Ch. Burydown Asphodel Alanya
Am/Can Ch. Srinagar Mahina Anumati
Am/Can Ch. Omega's Elana Val Negre FCh
BIS Eng Ch. Bedouin Caliph
Dut Ch. Almanza Danmeliya
Melchizedek of Almanza
MBIS Ch Srinagar Shulkhan Ben Arukh
MBIS Am/Can Ch. Elana Gold Ruler of Boxwyn
MBIS, MBISS, Am/Can/Ber Ch. Omega's Vallauris of Elana FCh,LCM, Can FCX
Can Ch. Elana Ecce
Ch. Omega's Becket of Zencor
Burydown Anya
Ch. Almanza Zebulun
Can Ch. Elana Begum Beyda FCh,Can FCX
SBOS Ch. Kenmar-Knoll Balluura
Am/Mex Ch. Sahava Jawhara of Kenmar FCh
BIS Ch. Sahava Khashmir of Saracen
Am/Mex Ch Kenmar Knoll Xaliifa FCh.
BISS Ch. Srinagar Ramya Ragu of Linja
BIS/Am/Mex Ch. Srinagar Sakuna Indra
SBOS Ch Srinagar Zhava of Sahava
BIS/Am/Mex Ch. Srinagar Dhanya Khayyam
SBOS Ch Srinagar Zhava of Sahava
BIS/MBISS Ch. Kenmar Knoll Sahava Yamani FCh
Ch. Almanza Thyatira
His first litter was born June 20, 2013.
Click HERE to learn more about them.
Isn't he ADORABLE when he's asleep!
Snapple LOVES his Mary Grace!
He loves his daddy!
Get me outa here!  The kid's possessed!
Snapple started his "Grand Adventure" with his Auntie Erin Roberts in
late June, 2014!!
Their very first weekend together!!!
In November, Snapple had a chance to come home for a weekend visit with us!!  Mary Grace (and me) were
ECSTATIC to have him home!!!!
Snapple made his first trip to Orlando for the Eukanuba National Championship and had a GREAT TIME!
Our sweet baby at 3 weeks.....
....and 3 years!  My, how you've grown!
Family Portrait!
Introducing SNAPPLE!!!